Security control atáNizhny Novgorod Airport

Security control atáNizhny Novgorod Airport isácarried outáaccording toáOrder ofátheáRussian Transport Ministry No. 104áofá25áJuly 2007 "On Approval ofátheáRules ofáPreflight andáPostflight Checks"*.

For passengersĺ security, allávisitors toátheáairport undergo aápreliminary check atátheáentrance toáTerminal. This check includes aáwalk through anáarchway metal detector, aácheck ofábelongings and, whenever necessary, aábody search. Those measures areápointed toward ensuring security both inátheáairáterminal building andáonáboard aircraft.

Domestic passengers with their hand andáhold baggage areáchecked after check-in; international passengers, after theácustoms andáborder controls.

When going through theásecurity control, aápassenger should present his/her ticket, boarding pass andáidentity document.

In accordance with theáRules ofáPreflight andáPostflight Checks, postflight checking isáperformed toáprevent andásuppress unlawful importation andádissemination ofáweapons, ammunition, narcotics, explosive devices, explosive, intoxicant andáother substances andáobjects ofáincreased danger andácriminal nature, inátheáfirst place from regions with aácomplicated crime situation andáwith useáofáautomated search information systems ofátheáMinistry ofátheáInterior ofátheáRussian Federation forásearch forápersons fleeing from bodies ofáinquiry, investigation andácourt, evading criminal punishment, asáwell asápersons that have lost connection with relatives andáareámissing, wanted ináaccordance.

Organization of Preflight and Postflight Checks

Preflight andápostflight checks (hereinafter "checks") ofápassengers andábaggage, including objects being with theápassengers, aircraft crew members, aviation personnel ofácivil aviation, in-flight supplies ofátheáaircraft, freight andámail areáperformed byáaviation security service personnel with participation ofátheátransit internal affairs body, including canine handlers whoáhave passed adequate special training andáhold aácertificate, with service dogs.

Checks areáperformed inátheáairport inádedicated rooms (checkpoints) equipped with stationary technical checking devices andávideo surveillance systems, andáalso inárooms/booths forábody (personal) search.

Checks areáperformed with theáaidáofátechnical andáspecial devices: stationary X-ray television introscopes andámetal detectors, handheld metal detectors, X-ray scanners, introvision systems inátheáTerahertz band ofátheáelectromagnetic spectrum andáother (hereinafter "technical andáspecial devices") duly certified, andáalso service dogs ofácanine units.

Preflight checking isácarried outáafter passenger check-in, sanitary-quarantine, veterinary, phytosanitary control, andáinácase ofáinternational flights also after border, customs, immigration andáother controls.

Checks ofáobjects being with aápassenger areácarried outáinátheápassengerĺs presence. Baggage mayábeáchecked either inátheápassengerĺs presence oráináhis/her absence.

If aábaggage check inátheápassengerĺs absence necessitates itsáopening, then aájoint decision isátaken byátheáheadpersons ofátheáaviation security service andáofátheátransit internal affairs authority andáaácommission isáformed from aviation security service andátransit internal affairs body personnel, which carries outátheácheck inátheápresence ofátwoáwitnesses and, ifánecessary, representatives ofáother state control bodies performing various types ofácontrol.

Carriage ofábaggage ofápassengers that have notáappeared foráboarding isástrictly prohibited.

In case ofáinformation received about aáthreat ofáanáactáofáunlawful interference ináaádeparting aircraft, aárepeated preflight check ofápassengers andábaggage, including objects being with passengers, aircraft crew members, in-flight supplies ofátheáaircraft, freight andámail isácarried out.

If aápassengerĺs departure isáretarded ináconnection with preflight checking, theáofficials ofátheáairport /áaviation enterprise administration performing theácheck take measures toáhave theápassenger departing onátheánext flight.

If theápassenger refuses toáundergo theápreflight check, theápassengerĺs airácarriage contract shall beádeemed terminated according toáItem 3, Article 85áofátheáAiráCode.

Body (personal) search ofápassengers isácarried outáif:

  • information isáreceived onápreparation underway ofácapture oráhijacking ofáanáaircraft carrying outáaáspecific flight orápursuing aácertain direction (selectively);
  • information isáreceived onáaápassenger carrying weapons, ammunition, explosive devices, explosive substances oráother dangerous objects orásubstances that mayábeáused asátools ofáattack onáaircraft crew;
  • weapons, ammunition, explosive devices, explosive substances oráother dangerous objects orásubstances prohibited from carriage byáairátransport areádiscovered ináobjects being with aápassenger;
  • identification, byáwayáofápersonal observation byáaviation security service orátransit internal affairs body personnel, ofásigns ofásuspicious behavior oráactions ofáaápassenger evidencing his/her criminal intent oráevoking suspicion ofáhis/her possibly carrying weapons, ammunition, dangerous objects orásubstances prohibited from carriage byáairátransport.

Body (personal) search ofápassengers isácarried outáonly byápersons ofátheásame sexáasátheápassenger being searched inátheápresence ofátwoáwitnesses, with participation transit internal affairs body personnel andádrawing upáofáaáreport.

It isáprohibited toábody-search several passengers inátheásame room atátheásame time.

Items requiring special precautions during itsáhandling (cinematographic andáphotographic equipment, television andáradio equipment, electronic devices, musical instruments, glassware, chinaware, pottery) mayábeácarried inátheáaircraft cabin.

Animals, birds, reptiles andáother faunal forms having appropriate veterinary certificates andáadmitted forácarriage onáboard aircraft asáwell asácages/crates ináwhich they areábeing carried undergo aávisual check, and, ifásuspicion arises, areáchecked byáhand (contact method).áRead more about veterinary andáplant-protection control

Items that mayábeáused asátools ofáattack (axe, saw, ice-axe, crossbow, airgun, speargun, etc.) mayábeácarried only ináhold baggage. Requirements forácarriage ofádangerous substances andáobjects inátheáhold baggage onáboard aircraft Ś seeáCarriage ofáWeapons andáDangerous Substances.

Passengers having implanted cardiac pacemakers areáchecked byáhand (contact method) and/or undergo body (personal) search without useáofátechnical andáspecial devices.

Checked baggage isáplaced onáboard aircraft notáhaving isolated baggage holds inásuch aáwayáthat passengers could notágetáaccess toáitáináflight.

During theápreflight check ofápassengers andáobjects being with him/her, aámark isámade onátheáticket (except when theápassenger hasáanáe-ticket) and/or theáboarding pass confirming theácheck, then theápassenger isádirected toátheásterile area.

In theásterile area, passengers andátheámarks confirming theácheck inátheir ticketsá(except when theápassenger hasáanáe-ticket) and/or theáboarding passes, including those ofátransit passengers, areáinspected atátheáaircraft stairs /áboarding bridgeáby theápassenger handling service ofátheáairport oráaviation enterprise.

Preflight Check of Transit and Transfer Passengers

Preflight checking ofátransit andátransfer passengers andáobjects being with them isácarried outáatátheáinitial point ofádeparture.áread more>>

*ጠthis article quotes extracts from theáRules ofáPreflight andáPostflight Checks approved byáOrder ofátheáRussian Transport Ministry No. 104á(Moscow) ofá25áJuly 2007 "On Approval ofátheáRules ofáPreflight andáPostflight Checks"
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