Nursery Room

The nursery roomservices passengers with children ofpreschool age(under 7years) anddisabled children under 14years ofage, women inthesecond half ofpregnancy, forshort-term stay within onefull daywhile waiting fortheir flight.

Passengers accepted on a first-priority basis are: passengers with babies, passengers with two or more children, and disabled children under 14 years of age.

Use of the nursery room is free of charge.

The nursery room is open 24 hours a day.

Thenursery room comprises:

  • the kitchen, equipped with arefrigerator, akitchen range, amicrowave oven, nursing chairs. Dishware isnotprovided;

  • the bedroom, furnished with childrens cots, adult beds, andaswaddling table. Disposable bedclothes areprovided;

  • the game room, fitted outwith chutes, tables, chairs forchildren, etc.;

  • the lobby, with sofas andatelevision set. Attheentrance, passengers areprovided with shoe covers towear during thestay inthenursery room;

  • there also isalavatory andabathroom with awashing machine andadrying rack.

Passengers with children are admitted to the nursery room after a checkup of the children and the accompanying adult by the duty medical worker of the terminals medical station and issuance of the admittance card to be handed in to the attendant of the nursery room. Children and accompanying persons with an acute or infectious disease detected are not admitted to thenursery room; they are referred for hospitalization to an appropriate health care institution.

Catering for children is provided at their parents expense from the airports restaurants, snack bars and cafs.

Use of thenursery room for night accommodation of adult passengers without infant children is prohibited

Preschool age (under 7 years) and disabled children under 14 years of age are to be accompanied by one adult.

Upon arriving in thenursery room, the passenger must present his/her passport or another identity document and the ticket. The documents presented by the passenger will be returned to him/her.

The accompanying person must not leave the child unattended.

It is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages or be in the state of alcohol or narcotic inebriation in thenursery room.

Passengers are admitted to the nursery room with hand baggage only (other baggage to be placed in the baggage checkroom).

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