History ofNizhny Novgorod International Airport

Nizhny Novgorod Airport isoneoftheoldest inthecountry. Thefirst scheduled flight inRussia wasperformed en-route Moscow -Nizhny Novgorod onthe15th ofJuly, 1923. Since 1993 theairport wasgranted thestatus international, certified foralltypes ofaviation activity. Itisanalternate aerodrome fortheairports oftheMoscow AirCluster.

Milestones of Nizhny Novgorod airport development

1933 on 1st of December in the city of Gorky (at present - Nizhny Novgorod) the 201st special air division of the Moscow Territorial Department of Civil Air Fleet was formed. The base aerodrome was Fedyakovsky (aerodrome Fedyakovo).
1940 -onthebasis oftheAvtozavod Aeroclub airfield (aerodrome Strigino) Gorky Airport oftheMoscow Department ofCivil AirFleet wasestablished. The201st airdivision ofMoscow Civil AirFleet relocated toStrigino aerodrome.
1941 - during the Great Patriotic War Gorky the United Aviation Enterprise was formed at Gorky-Strigino aerodrome, it comprised the airport of the 201st air division and military air forces.
1946 - the 201st air division was organized again subordinated to the Privolzhsky Department of Civil Aviation. The air division combined two squadrons, based in Yoshkar-Ola and Cheboksary. Airport Strigino of the Moscow Department of Civil Aviation started to serve transit flights.
1952 the 201st air division was renamed to the 148th air division of the RF Territorial Department of Central Regions. Airport Gorky-Strigino remained the subordinate of the Moscow Department of Civil Air Fleet. This territorial department was engaged in application of aviation in national economy.
1958 construction ofconcrete-covered runway andapron began.
1960 - after incorporation of Gorky-Strigino Airport, the 148th air division, squadron of Li-2 and Il-14 aircraft and airports of regional airlines, the air division was named the 148th Gorky United Air Group of the Privolzhsky Department of Civil Aviation.
1965 the new passenger terminal started serving passengers.
1966 -1973 period ofactive development andconstruction. Anoffice building, agarage, ahostel, anaircraft maintenance building, acargo warehouse were putinto operation, theapron wasexpanded, therunway extended, theconstruction ofthepassenger terminal began.
1979 - the airport was equipped with modern navigation systems and automatic approach system for landing in adverse weather conditions, it was confirmed that the navigation and flying aids were ready to receive planes in accordance with ICAO Category I.
1976 - 1980 construction of the second runway.
1983 thesix-storey hotel Aeroflot near theairport wasopened forpassengers andguests ofthecity.
1994 -theconsolidated enterprise Nizhny Novgorod United AirGroup wasdivided into three independent companies: state enterprise Nizhny Novgorod International Airport, airline Nizhny Novgorod Airlines andstate enterprise Aeronavigation NN.
In 2003 onthebasis ofthestate enterprise thepublic-stock company "Nizhny Novgorod International Airport " wasformed (PSC IANN).
Nizhny Novgorod Airport is located 18 km south-west of the city-centre and connected to direct highways to Moscow, Samara, Kazan, and Kirov. Besides, a special railway line to the airport was laid for transportation of fuel and lubricants and equipment. Successfully chosen place for the airport construction currently allows to perform flights with little environmental load on the city.
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