Strigino isáupdating itsáfleet ofásnow cleaning machines forátheáwinter season

Strigino International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Group) hasábegun anáactive preparation forátheáautumn-and-winter period. OnáOctober 26, theáNizhny Novgorod airáharbor switches toátheáwinter timetable, atápresent theáschedule isáunder preparation, airlines areámaking adjustments toátheir regular andácharter programs. Meanwhile, personnel ofáalláoperational departments ofátheáairport isápassing theoretical andápractical training, tests onáoperating procedures, rules andáregulations ofáaviation security, compliance toáaerodrome traffic diagrams, operation ofácustom equipment, regulations forálabor protection, etc.

This year particular attention was paid to preparation of the runway, taxiways and the apron: a total area of repaired surface is greater than 9000 square meters. To clear snow and ice from the apron the airport bought the most modern and powerful airfield maintenance equipment. The GSE and repair service of Strigino has recently come into possession of a Zaugg high-speed snow blower from Switzerland. This machine makes itápossible toácutároadway snow andáthrow itáatáaádistance ofá50ámeters. Capacity -áupátoá5000 m3áperáhour. Using such snow blower allows toáreplace three similar vehicles ofánational production.

This year Strigino shall also receive a Schmidt jet sweeper (the first was put into operation last winter). In the short term the airport will buy a tractor with additional attachments to clear the runway lights. Two machines will be used for deicing the aircraft. All in all in the autumn-and-winter period of 2014-2015 Strigino Airport will utilize more than 15ávehicles, acquired through anáintegrated program toáupdate theáfleet ofácustom equipment, andáaltogether Strigino operates124ávehicles andámechanical devices.

More than 777,000 passengers have passed through theáNizhny Novgorod gateway year-to-date

During theáJanuary-August period ofá2014 Strigino Airport (belongs toáAirports Regions Group) handled 777,134 passengers (aá29.7% year over year increase), ofáwhich 393,876 passengers were serviced inátheádomestic airlines andá383,258 -áinátheáinternational airlines. Regular flights were operated toá59ádestinations, 26áofáthem were domestic andá33á-áinternational. Aircraft departures experienced aá17.8% increase (6,331), freight andámail demand expanded byá8.8% (632 tons).

It is worth noting that the past period has seen a notable reshuffle in the distribution of passenger traffic by airlines: North Wind carrying out an extensive charter program has nearly doubled its traffic (116,952 passengers, 15% of the total passenger flow of Strigino Airport). S7 has significantly increased its occupancy of seats (53,668 passengers, 6.9% of total passenger traffic). Aeroflot remains the leader (189,247 passengers, 24.4% of the Nizhny Novgorodĺs passenger flow).

In August 2014, Strigino Airport handled 131,429 passengers, which is 30.4% more than last year. Passenger traffic on domestic flights reached 58,408 people (+37.7% compared to August of last year), on international flights ľ 73,021 people (+25.1%). Number of departures was 15.2% higher (955), the cargo and mail business was 1.7% better (87.2 tons).

Most punctual airline in August was UTair-Express: more than 97% of all flights were made on schedule. Also Orenburzhye, UTair, Ak Bars and Finnair showed a punctuality rate exceeding 90%.

Aáhigh-speed railway will goáthrough Strigino Airport

Yesterday, onáSeptember 11áatátheáInternational Business Summit theáHead ofátheáNizhny Novgorod Region Valery Shantsev, JSCáHigh Speed Rail Linesĺs General Director Alexander Misharin andáCJSC Airports ofáRegions MCĺs General Director Evgeniy Chudnovskiy signed aácooperation agreement with aáview toádeveloping inátheáarea ofáStrigino International Airport anáintermodal transport hubábringing together theáexisting airport andátheáprojected station ofátheáhigh-speed railway Moscow -áNizhny Novgorod -áKazan (hereinafter ľ theáHSR).

Currently, the project involves the construction of 2 high-speed railway stations in Nizhny Novgorod, one of which will be located at Strigino Airport (belongs to Airports of Regions Group). Cooperation between Airports of Regions, JSC High Speed Rail Lines and airlines will allow to offer passengers an integrated transport service - a single ticket from Moscow to the airport of destination.

- The construction of the high-speed rail line is actually an investment in the future, it is a strategically important project for us - said the Head of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Valery Shantsev. ľ The HSR will give impetus to the development of adjacent areas and also can help us to ease road traffic.

- Nizhny Novgorod is geographically very close to Moscow. And, on the one hand, it is a minus - the capital draws most of the passenger flow off Nizhny - explains Airports of Region MCĺs General Director Evgeniy Chudnovskiy. - On the other hand, the proximity to the capital easily turns into a plus: if it is possible to get from the center of Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod by the HSR within 1.5-2 hours, we will be able to "transfer" about 6 million passengers from the airports of the Moscow air hub to Strigino, in the first place, it will be interesting for the passengers flying to Southeast Asia. Then, Nizhny Novgorod Airport without exaggeration has all chances to become the fourth Moscow air hub airport, releasing the capitalĺs airports. Moreover, the construction of the HSR in the vicinity of Strigino will boost the airportĺs territory ľa new hotel, business and office centers will appear.

- In fact, the HSR is an inter-regional subway, trains reach speed of up to 300-400 kilometers per hour and in several times increase the mobility of people and business. It has for a long time been appreciated in the countries where active construction of the HSR is in progress: China, France, Japan - said JSC High Speed Rail Linesĺs General Director Alexander Misharin.

The signed cooperation agreement between the Nizhny Novgorod region, Airports of Regions MC and Russian Railways will be valid for 5 years.


Strigino Search andáRescue Service hasábeen certified byáRosaviatsia without remarks

Fire Fighting andáSearch andáRescue Service ofáStrigino International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Groups) hasásuccessfully passed theácertification ofátheáFederal AiráTransport Agency (Rosaviatsia). Theádocument wasáissued as aáresult ofáaácomprehensive assessment ofátheáFire Fighting andáSearch andáRescue Service according toáfive criteria: general fitness ofátheápersonnel, special training ofápersonnel, knowledge ofátheátheoretical issues ofásearch andárescue operations, technical facilities, andáprofessionalism ofáactions during training.

The Commission of Rosaviatsia commended fire trucks operated byáNizhny Novgorod Airport andáacquired iná2013-14 within theáframework ofátheáinvestment toáupgrade theámotor fleet. Currently Search andáRescue Service ofáStrigino possesses newáfire trucks fitted with theámost modern equipment andácapable toámove atáaáspeed upátoá100ákm/h. Buying ofáanother airfield fire truck isáplanned forátheáfirst quarter ofá2015.

As a result, the certification was passed without any remark. Thus, theáFederal AiráTransport Agency hasáconfirmed that theáSearch andáRescue Division ofáNizhny Novgorod International Airport meets alláindustrial regulations andáisáfully prepared, ifánecessary, toáadminister prompt qualified help. Next planned certification ofáStrigino isátoábeáheld ináthree years.

Strigino presents 5átopáairároutes ofátheápassing summer

Strigino International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegion Group) reports preliminary results ofátheásummer season. Alláináalláfrom June 1átoáAugust 28, 370,881 passengers passed through theáNizhny Novgorod gateway, aá29%áincrease over theásame period last year. Ináaddition, this figure isácomparable toátheápassenger flow atáStrigino Airport iná2010 -á376,799 people.

The airport handled 203,537 international passengers and 167,344 domestic passengers. The most popular during summer were traditional resort destinations:

1. Antalya (83,622 passengers)

2. Hurghada (17,880 passengers)

3. Larnaca (13,940 passengers)

4. Barcelona (11,259 passengers)

5. Heraklion (10,941 passengers)

In addition, traffic to Frankfurt-am-Main grew several times compared to a monthly average (10,512 passengers). Domestic sector at the height of the holiday season demonstrated an increased demand for flights to Saint Petersburg (16,014 passengers). During summer 6,320 passengers flew toáSimferopol and back.

According to the experts, the last weekend of the passing summer will see intensive flow of arriving passengers, and the total traffic over the two days can reach 9,000 people.