Half aáyear ofáStriginoĺs newápassenger terminal construction: theáerection ofároof andáfacades begins

Exactly sixámonths ago, onáJune 10, 2014 -áStrigino International Airport began theáconstruction ofátheánewáNizhny Novgorod terminal. Atátheámoment, theáreinforced concrete andámetal structures ofátheábuilding frame areáalmost fully completed. The builders have come close toátheáerection ofátheábuilding envelope ľ theároof onátheámetal frame andáfacades, inátheánear future they will also initiate theáinstallation ofátheátransition bridge between theátowers ofátheáboarding bridges andátheánewáterminal building. The work isábeing carried outá24áhours aáday, about 300áworkers andámore than 30áunits ofámodern construction equipment areáemployed.

Czech company PSJ, the general contractor, is keeping to the construction schedule with 100 percent accuracy. The construction progress isáunder theástrict control ofátheáinvestor, Airports ofáRegions Management Company, and authorities. Theáhead ofátheáNizhny Novgorod Oblast Valery Shantsev conducts aáregular inspection ofátheáconstruction, andáonáNovember 18, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov visited theásite inátheáframework ofátheáworking visit toáprepare theáNizhny Novgorod Oblast forátheáWorld Cupá2018.

For reference: the commissioning ofátheáVFDácapitalĺs newáterminal isáplanned foráDecember 2015. Theámodern airport terminal with aátotal area ofá27.8 thousand square meters will beáequipped with 4áairábridges, itsácapacity will exceed 1.5 million passengers peráyear. Forátheácomfort andáconvenience ofápassengers, spacious lounges, shops andácafes will beáplaced onáanáarea ofáover 1500 square meters, parking lotáisádesigned forá800ácars. Aádistinctive feature ofátheáairport complex will beáaámodern automated baggage handling system andáautomatic system forámonitoring queues inátheápassenger handling areas.

Anybody who wants to can follow the progress of the work with the help of online broadcast on the official website of Strigino Airport - airportnn.ru.


Strigino Airport introduces early check-in

Since December 15, Nizhny Novgorod International Airport will start toáopen check-in foráinternational flights 4áhours*, forádomestic -á3áhours before departure (atápresent check-in atáStrigino begins asáatámost airports ináRussia: forádomestic flights -á2áhours andáforáinternational -áthree hours before departure).

Extension of check-in time will become a new step towards enhancing the quality of passenger service. The innovation is designed to improve the conditions of stay at the airport for those passengers who for whatever reasons are forced to come to the terminal well in advance. Now they will be able to check-in earlier, drop off their baggage and spend time in the airside international or domestic waiting lounges.

For reference: Aeroflot, UTair, Ural Airlines, Ak Bars Aero, Transaero, Lufthansa, Finnair and S7 passengers can check-in online on the airline website. For Aeroflot, UTair, Transaero, Ak Bars Aero and S7 flights it is also possible to print out the boarding pass using the printers installed at the airport.

As a next step in improving the service quality Strigino Airport will introduce 24 hour prior check-in.

* Except Lufthansa and Finnair flights.

Aircraft deicing atáStrigino isácertified byátheáFederal AiráTransport Agency

Nizhny Novgorod International Airport confirmed theácompliance ofáitsáaircraft deicing services with theárequirements ofátheáFederal AiráTransport Agency (FATA). Thus, theápreparation ofáStrigino Airport forátheáautumn-and-winter period canábeáconsidered fully completed.

Aircraft deicing is an important part of aircraft ground handling procedures in the cold season under the flight safety rules. According to the committee of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Strigino Airport hasátheáright toásell theácomplete cycle ofátheáprocedures necessary toágetáready foráaircraft deicing: storage, preparation ofámixture, delivery ofáde-icing liquids toátheádeicers. Theácertificate wasáissued byátheáFederal AiráTransport Agency forátheáperiod ofá3áyears.

On-site aircraft treatment at Strigino Airport is performed by two aircraft deicers - John Bean Technologies Tempest II and Sterling MT 35. Operational personnel involved in the procedure passed appropriate training at Kurumoch International Airport (Samara). The available machines and qualification of the personnel make itápossible toádeice allátypes ofáaircraft theáairport canáreceive: starting from 9-seater Cessna C-280 toá320-seater Boeing 767-300.

All in all, in the winter period of 2013-2014 Strigino Airportĺs ground handling service deiced 735 aircraft. Since the beginning of the season more than 70 aircraft have already been processed.

Strigino passenger traffic grew byá28ápercent iná10ámonths

In October Nizhny Novgorod International Airport handled 92,947 passengers, which isá16.4% more than theáfigure ofátheásame prior year period. 51,843 passengers (+14.09%) were serviced inátheádomestic airlines andá41,104 passengers (+á19.5%) -áinátheáinternational airlines.

The largest increase in passenger traffic in October demonstrated charter flights to Sharm el-Sheikh (9.4 times inácomparison with October 2013), Hurghada (5.6 times) and Nha Trang (3.1 times). Among theáscheduled domestic services aárise wasárecorded onároutes toáUlyanovsk (6.8 times), Belgorod (2.8 times) andáSaratov (2.2 times). The main growth driver in most cases was a significant increase in the frequencies. In October, the most punctual airlines turned toábeáUTair-Express andáFinnair, more than 92% of all their flights were completed on schedule.

Over the past 10 months Strigino Airport served 992,985 passengers, which isá28%ámore than iná2013. Theádomestic passenger flow amounted toá501,878 (aá32.2% gain compared toátheáyear-ago period), 491,107 travelers chose international destinations (+á23.9%). Theánumber ofádepartures wasá16.9% higher (8143), freight andámail demand expanded by11.7% (819 tons).

For reference: on November 6, Strigino served the one millionth passenger year-to-date, and now Nizhny Novgorod Airport has passed into a category of million airports.

Strigino foráfirst time iná20áyears hasábecome aámillion airport


The oneámillionth passenger ofátheáyear 2014 hasábeen checked ináatáNizhny Novgorod International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Group) earlier today. Itáisáaámomentous event notáonly foráNizhny Novgorod Airport which passed toátheáhigher size category ináterms ofápassenger traffic, butáforátheáentire region's transport infrastructure.

The one millionth passenger of Strigino Airport turned to be 30-year-old Nizhny Novgorod citizen Andrew Kurnyshev, departing on Aeroflot flight SU1221 to Moscow. He received a certificate for annual business lounge servicing from Strigino Airport management and two open-date business class tickets on route Nizhny Novgorod - Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod from Aeroflot.

ôFor the first time in the last twenty years Nizhny Novgorod Airport managed to pass a milestone of 1000 000 passengers,ö said at the official ceremony Strigino Airportĺs Executive Director Alexander Sinelnikov. ôWith the arrival of Airports of Regions Management Company at the airport and the expansion of the route network, air traffic began to grow rapidly. Since 2010 passenger flow has tripled from 376 thousand to 917 thousand people in 2013 ľ it is a unique rate for Russia! And today, on November 6, 2014, Strigino has again become a million airport. We congratulate everybody and promise to make every effort to further develop the airport.ö


ôAir route Moscow -áNizhny Novgorod isáoneáofátheámost significant forácivil aviation ináRussia,ö said JSCáAeroflotĺs regional representative ináKazan, Nizhny Novgorod andáNizhnekamsk Alexander Tikhonov. öIt wasátoáNizhny Novgorod onáJuly 15, 1923 that theáfirst scheduled flight inátheácountry wasámade, andáiná2013 ourácompany transported aárecord number ofápassengers foráaároute -ámore than 228áthousand (the occupancy ofáseats wasáover 70%). Andáweáareávery pleased that today oneámillionth passenger ofáNizhny Novgorod Airport wasáchecked ináforáouráflight.ö

The one millionth passenger of Strigino is a frequent flyer, he travels several times a month both on scheduled flights to other cities in Russia ľ on business (Andrew is engaged in construction and oil) and on charter flights abroad ľ on holidays. Andrew Kurnyshev was not aware of that dayĺs event at Nizhny Novgorod Airport: having arrived for check in as usually in advance he was genuinely surprised by the message: "You have become one millionth passenger, please accept our congratulations!"

ôBasically, I consider myself to be a lucky man,ö admitted Andrew. ôBut I have never won in a lottery, though I bought tickets many times. So it appeared to be a very pleasant surprise to me. Thank you!öá

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