Layouts ofáStriginoAirportĺs newápassenger terminal areáapproved

The layouts ofáNizhny Novgorod International Airportĺs newápassenger terminal (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Group) areáapproved byáallástakeholders involved inápassenger handling including government regulatory agencies. Theáparties agreed onálocation andáfloor area ofáalláthree levels ofátheáterminal, boarding bridges, basements, passages andáelevators, placement ofácheckpoints andáscreening equipment.

The operational areas of the new terminal will feature spaciousness and comfort, as well as clear and consistent navigation. The departure lounges will overlook the airfield. For reference: the new terminal meets level of comfort C (good level of service with the conditions for a constant traffic flow) according to the International Air Transport Association classification, as well as modern requirements of aviation, border and customs security.

According to the project, the 1st floor ofátheánewápassenger terminal will accommodate lounges forágeneral public, including check-in areas, mother andáchild room with nurseries, medical station, baggage lockers, cafes andáshops. Theá2nd floor will house aápre-flight check area (common forádomestic andáinternational passengers), customs andápassport control posts forápassengers onáinternational flights, waiting lounges, Duty Free shops foráinternational passengers andáDuty Paid forádomestic passengers, asáwell asáoffices ofáairlines representatives. The third floor will beáalmost entirely intended forátheáarrival gallery, offices andátechnical facilities ofátheáairport services. Alláthree floors will beáaccessible forápeople with limited mobility thanks toátheáelevators andáramps. Theánewápassenger terminal also comprises 4áboarding bridges adjacent toá2ástationary departure gates.

As a reminder: the commissioning ofátheáVFDácapitalĹs newáterminal isáplanned foráDecember 2015. Theácapacity ofátheámodern airport complex with aátotal area ofá27.8 thousand sq. meters will beámore than 1.5 million persons peráyear. Forátheácomfort andáconvenience ofápassengers spacious lounges, shops andácafes will beáplaced onáanáarea ofáover 1500 square meters, theáparking lotáisádesigned forá700ácars. Aádistinctive feature ofátheánewáairport complex will beáa modern baggage handling system andáanáautomatic queue management system inátheápassenger handling areas.

Striginoĺs ornithological service acquires aágoshawk

To improve theáaviation safety Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Holding) hasáacquired aágoshawk. Using aáhawk isápart ofáanáaction plan undertaken toáensure ornithological safety atáStrigino: bio-acoustic equipment emitting theádistress calls ofábirds, gaságun, mirror balls, asáwell asácutting down bushes andágrass mowing.

Goshawk is a young female, two years old, grown in the wild. Now theábird isáinátheáprocess ofáhabituation toáitsánewáowner, theáairportĺs ornithologist, training toáhand feed andásitáonátheáglove onácommand.

The studies prove that to scare birds away from theáairport aáhawk neednĺt beáonátheáprowl, itsápresence isáenough toácause theáother feathered tribe toápanic. Ináthis case, crows, gulls, sparrows begin toácryáinádistress andáflyáaway, andáwhat isámore, return toátheáformer place noáearlier than iná2-3áweeks. Asásoon asátheáhawk takes theánecessary training, theáairportĺs ornithologist will start regular patrol ofátheáairport territory.

Specially trained goshawks and falcons are used to scare birds away at many airports in Russia and around the world.

Passenger traffic stáStrigino went upábyá25.5% iná11ámonths

The total passenger flow atáNizhny Novgorod International Airport year-to-date amounted to 1,065,454 people showing aá25.5% gain compared toátheáyear-ago period. Domestic airátravel rose 29.2% (547,752 passengers), andáinternational traffic level wasáupábyá21.9% (517,702 passengers). Airport sawá8721 aircraft departures recording aá14.2 %áyear over year increase. Freight andámail traffic climbed 11.2 %á(899.4 tons).

Since the beginning of 2014, 38 airlines serviced 63 scheduled destinations, outáofáthem 29áwere domestic andá9áinternational. Traditional leaders inátheápassenger traffic were Moscow, Antalya, Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh andáSt. Petersburg.

Strigino continues toáupdate itsámotor fleet: aánewájetásweeper andáaábusáforábusiness passengers

Nizhny Novgorod International Airport sawáaánewáexpansion ofáitsámotor fleet. Theáairfield service nowáhasáextra special vehicles forásnow removal and passenger service department obtained aánewáminibus foráservicing business passengers.

The vehicle park is supplemented by the second Schmidt TJS-630 jet sweeper (the first was purchased last winter) having clearing speed ofáupátoá40ákm/h, which inácombination with high quality ofácleaning isáessential forátheáairport under heavy snowfalls. Special brushes canáclear upátoá5.2 meters ofátheárunway surface ináoneápass. Foráreference: Schmidt isáoneáofátheáworld's leading manufacturers ofásnow cleaners forámajor airports andáutility companies ináEurope andáMoscow.

Besides Schmidt jet sweepers, Strigino Airport utilizes universal sweeper JetBroom to remove snow and ice from the runway and apron. All in all, now for these purposes theáairport canáemploy three units ofámodern imported vehicles, asáwell asá13áother vehicles andámechanical devices.

A 14-seater Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will be the second minibus toádeliver business class passengers toátheáaircraft. NewáMercedes isáspacious, equipped with climate control with individual settings, comfortable seats andáautomatic door. Ináaddition, twoáexecutive class Audis areáalso used toáservice business passengers.

źMeals onáBoard╗ service becomes available foráStriginoĺs passengers

The passengers ofáNizhny Novgorod International Airport can nowáchoose dishes they want toátake onáboard according toátheir liking. This week twoáairports ofáAirports ofáRegions Holding -áKoltsovo (Ekaterinburg) andáStrigino (Nizhny Novgorod) have launched aáproject toáprovide aánewáźMeals onáBoard╗ service.

The Nizhny Novgorod Airportĺs partner for the project became Shocoladnitsa Coffee Shop, which has long worked at the airport. For theánewáservice Shocoladnitsa hasádeveloped aáspecial offer including about 70%áofáitsátotal assortment range: aávariety ofáfruit salads, lasagna andápasta, tiramisu andástrudel, oatmeal andácottage cheese, pancakes with various fillings, cheesecakes, etc. Ináaddition, there isáaá10ápercent discount onáalláźMeals onáBoard╗ service menu. Youámayáfind outáabout possible choices onátheáwebsite.

The customer may make an order directly at the coffee shop or in advance by telephone, and receive and pay for it before departure at the airport. An important note: If you pick up źMeals on Board╗ in the coffee shops located in the airside international and domestic lounges, it isáeven possible toátake drinks andásoups onáboard.* Theámeals areápacked inálunch boxes.

źOur company, together with the catering operators at Nizhny Novgorod and Ekaterinburg Airports, sought to create a new convenient service for passengers. Quite a lot of passengers arrive at the terminal shortly before departure and would like to take freshly prepared hot meals on board the aircraft, the dishes of their choice,╗ said Airports ofáRegions MCĺs Director foráNon-Aviation Commerce Tatiana Batenyova. źIn addition, this service will compensate forátheálack ofácatering onáboard theáaircraft during short flights, provide extra meals forálong trips, andáalso oná"Meals onáBoard" menu youácanáfind theádishes that children love. ╗

* According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommendations, liquids shall be carried on board in the hand baggage in containers with a capacity no greater than 100 ml and a total capacity of up to a liter. But as the retail stores in the airside areas and Duty Free shops are located beyond the pre-flight check points and their goods have already been checked by aviation security, the restrictions on the amount of liquids purchased in these areas are removed.