Newáflights toáRussia andáAbroad Appear ináAutumn/Winter Timetable ofáNizhny Novgorod International Airport

The newáautumn /winter timetable ofáNizhny Novgorod International Airport ("Airports ofáRegions" holding company), effective from October 28, isáplanning scheduled flights toá18ádestinations, including nine federal, three international andásixáflights toátheáCISácountries. Charter flights will beáoperated onánine international routes. Winter navigation ofá2012/2013 introduces newáservices from Nizhniy Novgorod toáMineralĺnye Vody (October 5), Rostov-on-Don andáSochi (November 17)áamong international novelties -áLarnaca (Cyprus), Phuket (Thailand), Aqaba (áJordan) andáSharjah (UAE).

Letĺs note, that under the new timetable flight frequency on many existing routes increased. Thus, positive changes experienced, in the first place, the main "business" destinations. On October 1, AK BARS AERO opened daily evening service to St. Petersburg. With this flight the number of everyday departures to St. Petersburg increased to two. Starting from October 28, Aeroflot launches extra frequency to Moscow, so the number of its daily flights rises to 4 per day, and the total number of flights to Moscow from Nizhny Novgorod will be 7 per day. Moreover, from October 28 the number of departures to Prague will increase from two weekly flights to three by adding one service, so in the autumn/winter period flights to the capital of the Czech Republic will be operated three times a week - on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays giving the passengers more opportunities for flying.

Tourist destinations are not an exception: charter flights to Sharm el-Sheikh will be, in addition to Orenair, conducted by Ural Airlines. In the autumn/winter period Ural Airlines will continue scheduled flight to Dubai, opened for the citizens of Nizhny Novgorod last year, Rusline and Taimyr will also operate the line. Three carriers at a time - Ural Airlines, Transaero and Orenair are coming on route Nizhny Novgorod ľ Hurghada. Additionally, the new timetable will also offer traditional for Nizhny Novgorod "winter" flights to Goa and Bangkok.

- Expansion of the route network and increasing of the flight frequency, indisputably, impacts the growth of passenger traffic: since the beginning of this year, we have served more than 600,000 passengers, almost 70% greater than in the same period of 2011 - commented MANN General Director Alexander Sinelnikov. - This also increases the average passenger load and confirms that the citizens of Nizhny Novgorod choose the direct flights rather than Moscow hub services. In case of maintaining the outlined tendency, passenger traffic in 2013 will break the psychological mark of one million passengers.

In addition, as part of preparation for the autumn/winter navigation Nizhny Novgorod Airport carried out a complex of preventive measures aimed at ensuring safety and regularity of flights in adverse weather conditions. In particular, ground support equipment, special vehicles (including aircraft anti-icing vehicles) are ready for use in the autumn/winter period, all transport units passed scheduled seasonal maintenance and repairs. Ice-melting chemicals (liquid and granular) for the apron and runway maintenance and anti-icing fluids for processing different types of aircraft were procured in sufficient quantities. Maintenance of water and heating facilities networks was accomplished, taking into account operation in winter conditions. Personnel passed training for handling alternate aircraft landing, massive flight delays and congestions in the passenger terminal building. Airport operational readiness for the autumn/winter period is confirmed by the flight safety inspection of the Volga Interregional Territorial Department of Air Transport of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Nizhny Novgorod International Airport Launches aáCall Center

Since todayĺs date, Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (ôAirports ofáRegionsö holding company) hasálaunched aácall center forápassengers: 8-800-1000-333. Now, theáinformation about arrivals andádepartures ofáflights, airport services, general rules ofáairátravel andáairlines contact details canábeáobtained from theácall-center operators. Youácanáfind information onábooking, tariffs, choice ofároutes andáticketing atátheáticket offices andáonátheáwebsite ofáNizhny Novgorod Airport. Ináfuture, weáwill develop aáspecial service forábooking airáandátrain tickets based onátheácall-center.

Depending onátheánumber ofácalls theácall-center canábeáserviced byáasámany as15 operators, including English-speaking ones. Upátoánow, theáinformation services atáNizhny Novgorod Airport were provided byáoneáoperator peráshift, whoáoften hadádifficulties processing allátheárequests. With theátransition toátheáairport call-center theádialup difficulties will beáremoved. Alláconversations with theáairline passengers will beárecorded forámonitoring theáquality andáoptimization ofáservice.

Nizhny Novgorod Airport call-center 8800 1000 333. Toll-free inátheáentire territory ofáRussia.

Forátheábusiness season Nizhny Novgorod Airport launches additional flight toáSt. Petersburg

From October 1, Nizhny Novgorod International Airport adds oneámore daily flight toáSt. Petersburg toáitsátimetable. AkáBars Aero isástaring theáservice having signed anáagreement onátheádevelopment ofáregional transportation with theáairport andátheáGovernment ofátheáNizhny Novgorod Region ináJuly. Direct scheduled flight toátheánorthern capital will beáoperated onátheá50-seat aircraft CRJ-200, departure from Nizhniy Novgorod atá17:45, flight time -á1áhour 45áminutes.

Letĺs recall, that the regular service between Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg was resumed in June 2011 by UTair after a 15-year break. Since then, the daily morning flight has established itself in the timetable of the Nizhny Novgorod aviation hub, and become the second popular domestic flight carried out from Nizhny Novgorod Airport. Average passenger load keeps at 90% or higher.

- When we launched scheduled flights to St. Petersburg a year and a half s ago, we predicted the strong demand for this destination, and our estimates came true. Furthermore, in the beginning of 2012, it became apparent that the demand for this route is beyond the capacity of one flight a day, commented MANN General Director Alexander Sinelnikov. - This is why, when developing specific actions under the regional development program, and planning to open 10 new routes (5 to the west and 5 to east of the country), primary attention was paid to launching of the St.Petersburgĺs flight.

Additional daily flight during the autumn/winter period will make the Nizhny Novgorod Airport timetable more convenient for passengers:

Departure from Nizhny Novgorod /áArrival atáSt.Petersburg

Departure from St.Petersburg /áArrival atáNizhny Novgorod


07:40 /á09:40

21:00 /á23:00


17:45 /á19:30

09:40 /á11:25

Moreover, forágreater mobility ofápassengers, check-in atátheáSt.Petersburg destination closes 20áminutes before theádeparture.

Sales for the new flight have already opened in all reservation systems, as well as in all ticket offices of the city. Tickets without agency fees and charges can be purchased from the airport website on page "Book Online."

TheáNumber ofáWeekly Flights toáPrague Increased toáThree

On October 28áthis year theánumber ofáweekly departures toáPrague will beáincreased byáadding oneáadditional flight, soáinátheáautumn/winter period flights toátheácapital ofátheáCzech Republic will beáoperated three times aáweek -áonáMondays, Fridays andáSundays. Atátheásame time, departure times areáalso changed, foráconvenience ofábusiness travelers andátourists flights onáworking days will beáoperated atá05:45, Sundayĺs departures areáscheduled forá06:40.

- Out of 13 new destinations, which have appeared in the airport timetable this year, the flight to Prague has become one of the most popular: since opening of the direct service to the Czech Republic more than 5000 people have chosen it, - commented MANN General Director Alexander Sinelnikov. - With the current steady demand, launching of additional flight is a natural step. In addition, the Czech Republic is attractive both for businessmen and tourists all year round, so the passenger flow on this route will only increase.

Letĺs note, that Prague has become the second European city after Frankfurt, connected by regular direct air service with Nizhny Novgorod, and introduction of additional frequency opens up opportunities for daily flying to Europe. Moreover, the flight timetable is arranged to provide convenient connections for subsequent flights, in particular, to Paris, Rome, Strasbourg, Geneva, Amsterdam and other cities.

Letĺs recall, that direct flights to Prague have become available for the citizens of Nizhny Novgorod since March 2012. Czech Airlines operates flights on board the aircraft A-319, Ural Airlines ľ on the A-320. Flight time - 3 hours 20 minutes. Tickets are available from the airport website on page "Book Online."

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