Striginoĺs newátimetable: direct flights toá37ácities ináRussia andáabroad

On Sunday 29áMarch, Strigino International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Group) isáswitching toátheáspring-and-summer timetable. 20áairlines will perform scheduled andácharter flights toá37ácities ináRussia andáabroad. Theáspring-and-summer timetable will beáináeffect until theáendáofáOctober 2015.

Regional Program

During the spring-and-summer season Nizhny Novgorod airline passengers can travel on scheduled flights from Strigino to 19 cities in Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Belgorod, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kirov, Murmansk, Nizhnekamsk, Norilsk, Penza, Perm, Samara, Saratov, Surgut, Ulyanovsk asáwell asátheásouthern Anapa, Krasnodar, Sochi andáSimferopol*.

For reference: 10 daily flights will go to the capital of Russia this summer, and from 19 May UTair will re-establish Nizhny Novgorod - St. Petersburg route: the Boeing 737-500 will depart from Strigino at 07:55 seven days a week (also RusLine airline will continue daily flights to this destination with the CRJ-200 aircraft).

South of Russia

Anapa. From 17áMayátoá27áSeptember Ural Airlines will operate flights from Nizhniy Novgorod toáAnapa with theáAirbus A-320 onáSundays.

Krasnodar. On 29áMayáNordavia will resume services toáKrasnodar with theáBoeing 737-500 onáFridays.

Simferopol. The air route between Nizhny Novgorod and the Crimea will be serviced by two carriers. On Saturday 16 May, Ural Airlinesĺ first regular flight will go to Simferopol, on 19 May, the airline will add the second frequency - on Tuesdays, and on 31 May - the third, on Sundays. From 8 June, Yamal airline will also begin operations on this route: the CRJ-200 aircraft will perform flights on Mondays and Fridays.

Sochi. Three carriers will flyátoáthis destination. From 17áMay, Ural Airlines will start operations onáSundays with theáAirbus A-320 aircraft. From 29áMay, Transaero airline will launch flights from Nizhny toáSochi with theáBoeing 737-800 onáTuesdays andáFridays. Andáfrom June 3, itáwill beápossible toáflyátoátheáOlympic capital onáWednesdays onáboard theáYak-42 ofáIzhavia airline.

Holiday destinations abroad

Turkey. In April, as many as five airlines: North Wind, Transaero, Ural Airlines, Metrodzhet and Royal Flight will open the charter program to Antalya from Nizhny Novgorod. And from 24 May, North Wind will begin flying to Dalaman with the Airbus A-321 once in 10 days.

Greece. On 28 May, the first charter Airbus A-321 of North Wind airline will go from Strigino Airport to Heraklion, and on 5 June - the Boeing 737-800 of Royal Flight airline to Rhodes.

In addition, Strigino Airportĺs spring-and-summer timetable will offer regular flights to Greece. On 1 June, Ellinair Airline will start operating one connection to Thessaloniki with the Boeing 737-400 1 time in 10 days.

Cyprus. Transaero Airline from 26 April plans to open a charter flight program from Strigino to Larnaca with the Boeing 737-800.

Tunis. From 29áMay, North Wind will begin charter services toáMonastir onáboard theáAirbus A-321.

Egypt. Flights from Nizhniy Novgorod toáHurghada andáSharm el-Sheikh will beácontinued throughout theáspring-and-summer season.

CIS countries

Azerbaijan. From 6 June Azerbaijan Airlines will start operating direct scheduled flights from Nizhny Novgorod to Baku with the Embraer 190 on Saturdays, and from 29 July the airline will add the second frequency - on Wednesdays.

Armenia. Ural Airlines will continue flying toáYerevan under theáspring-and-summer timetable: onáTuesdays with theáAirbus A-320.

Tajikistan. Regular flights to Dushanbe will be operated on Mondays and Saturdays.

Uzbekistan. On Mondays passengers will be able to travel from Strigino to Tashkent, and on Sundays - to Fergana.


Czech Republic. From April 4, Ural Airlines will re-introduce regular connections toáPrague from Nizhny Novgorod. Departure from Strigino atá16:30 onáSaturdays, return flight from Prague atá19:50, theáaircraft type ľAirbus A320.

Finland. Finnair will resume direct scheduled flights toáHelsinki from Nizhny Novgorod from 23áApril. Theáfrequencies will remain unchanged: Tuesdays, Thursdays andáSaturdays; departure from Strigino atá03:55, theátype ofáaircraft Embraer 190.

Germany. Regular flights toáFrankfurt will continue throughout theáspring-and-summer season, departing from Nizhny Novgorod atá03:30 four times aáweek (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays andáSaturdays).

Spain. Charter flights to Barcelona will begin on 31 May. Royal Flight airline will operate the route with the Boeing 757-200.

* Please note that the timetable is subject to changes.

Valery Shantsev about Striginoĺs newápassenger terminal: ôThe construction isásensible, theáorder isáalmost idealö

On 19áMarch, Strigino International Airport held aávisiting meeting directed byátheágovernor ofátheáNizhni Novgorod Oblast Valery Shantsev. Theáhead ofátheáregion assessed theáprogress ofátheáconstruction ofátheánewápassenger terminal: walked about ofátheáconstruction site, looked atátheáresults ofátheáwork executed byátheácontractor andáplan forátheásecond quarter ofá2015.

ôThe readiness of the main terminal building at the moment has reached 90%,ö said the constructors. ôIt will be fully completed in April. At the moment, the central distribution substation for power supply of the terminal is accomplished, the external 6 kV power supply and the heating network are also completed and put into operation. In the near future we will begin the installation of translucent constructions - stained glass and windows, pipelines, outdoor lighting, subflooring, interior and exterior decoration. Also within half-year period we will carry out the installation of operational equipment, the improvement of the forecourt, set up the pedestrian areas and the curbside.

All in all we have already excavated 46,000 m3 of the ground, placed 19 000 m3 of concrete, laid 2800 rm of the external pipelines and drainage, assembled 800 tons of metal frame and 500 tons of metal roofing.ö

ôThe construction is on schedule, all promises made at the groundbreaking ceremony are carried out in full,ö said International Airport of Nizhny Novgorod executive director Alexander Sinelnikov. ôBy October 2015 we plan to complete the general construction work, and in December, as agreed, open the new terminal and see the New Year in there.ö

ôThe construction is sensible, the order is almost ideal,ö stated the governor Valery Shantsev at the end of walkabout. ôThis venue will give us 1.5 million passengers per year - the conditions are very different, the situation is different as well. Nizhny Novgorod deserves such airport! But the approach to transport infrastructure development shall be comprehensive - developing the air transport we must not forget the railway and highway service. Therefore, the expansion of Molodezhny Prospect is in progress, we will install Strigino railway station ensuring connection with Moskovsky railway station. The combination of road, rail and air transport will allow to organize a modern hub on the basis of the airport.ö

Gazelle Next will deliver wheelchair users toátheáaircraft atáStrigino

Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Group) puts a newámedical special vehicle onátheábasis ofáGazelle Next into operation. This multi-purpose vehicle built soáfaráináaásingle copy wasáfirst presented ináMoscow atáspecialized exhibition Health-2014, where itáearned aáhigh expert evaluation.

Modular special vehicle is designed for transportation ofásick passengers andádelivery ofáwheelchair users toátheáaircraft. Theárear doors areáused foráunloading/loading stretchers, lateral double swing door -átoátilt/fold theálifting device. Medical equipment Class Aáallows toáadminister first aidátoáaápatient inácomfortable conditions, and, ifánecessary, toácarry outáresuscitation. Foráreference: iná2014 Strigino Airport recorded more than 50árequests forámedical assistance from theáaircraft.

Delivery of disabled passengers from the terminal to the aircraft will become more convenient. The electric device with lifting capacity up to 230 kg installed in the modular special vehicle ensures fully automated loading andáunloading ofáaápassenger inátheáwheelchair. Particular attention wasápaid toásafety: enhanced tie-down straps areáprovided toásecure theáwheelchair andáspecial blocking elements prevent theácaráfrom moving until theáloading isácompleted. Also there isáenough space inátheáminibus compartment toátransport medical attendants andáfolded wheelchairs.

All in all to date 9 buses and cars are involved in passenger handling at Strigino Airport.

Expansion ofáStrigino AirportĹs catering: more space, more opportunities

Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Group) hasácompleted theáreorganization ofátheácatering service. NowáStrigino catering isáspun offáinto aáseparate structure, asáaáresult, airlines andápassengers will beáprovided with aáhigher level ofáservice.

The catering production moved to new redecorated premises equipped according to all rules and regulations imposed on catering companies. The area occupied by Strigino catering increased from 300 to 700 square meters: the 1 floor is designed for administration offices, the 2nd floor accommodates production including a hot and cold kitchen and a packing room. In addition, catering isánowálocated inátheáairport territory, close toátheárunway (formerly -áinátheáhotel facilities), which enables toáavoid additional security procedures andáensures timely delivery ofácatering toátheáaircraft.

The assortment of Strigino catering is updated twice a year for the beginning of the spring-and-summer and autumn-and-winter season the chefs develop recipes of the new dishes. In addition to standard rations for economy and business class passengers, airport catering can offer vegetarian, baby and national menu - almost any dish on request of the airlines. From 15 April, catering services of Airports of Regions Group (Yekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don and Nizhny Novgorod airports) will move to the uniform service level.

At the moment, Strigino Airport catering is designed to produce 1000 rations per day and more. In the short term, considering the upcoming FIFA World Cupá2018 these volumes will beásignificantly increased.á

Strigino Airport holds aáwinter spotting event

Yesterday Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Group) gathered fans ofáaviation photography. Aágroup ofáNizhny Novgorod spotters waságiven aáchance toácome outáinto theáairfield andáforásixáhours capture aircraft takeoffs andálandings, operations, aircraft andápassenger handling. Bloggers also hadáaccess toátheároof ofátheáexisting passenger terminal, where they were able toátake unique photos.

The event started with the departure of Aeroflotĺs Airbus A320 to Sheremetyevo Airport. This was followed by S7 Airlineĺs Airbus A319 and UTair-Expressĺs ATR-72 arrivals from Moscow, Dexterĺs Pilatus-12 from Saratov, departures to Samara, Kirov and Nizhnekamsk … Air taxi Dexter certainly became "The Hero ofátheáDay", within aáfewáhours ofáspotting theáPilatus took offáandálanded sixátimes.

The demonstration of Strigino Airportĺs new snow cleaners added diversity: theáspotters could seeáhowáeasily andáeffectively Schmidt jetásweepers clean theáapron andáhowáZaugg snow blower collects snow andáthrows itádozens ofámeters away.

As for the aircraft, special interest of the spotters was attracted to the Superjet ináoriginal livery ô75th Anniversary ofáSukhoiö. Theáairliner wasáfilmed from allásides onátheáparking stand andáatátheámoment ofádeparture (the plane performed aácharter flight with aásports team going toácompetitions).

Plane spotting activities have already become a tradition for Strigino Airport. The next such event is planned for summer 2015.