Lounge forOfficials andDelegations

Lounge forOfficials andDelegations isdesigned toserve very important passengers andofficial government delegations under approved lists andadvanced one-time requests.

Lounge forOfficials andDelegations offers thewhole range ofservices, including:

  • passenger check-in;
  • necessary information;
  • food andbeverages;
  • rest areas;
  • the lounge hasanenclosed area, including:
  • waiting lounges forpassengers;
  • security control area;
  • areas ofborder, customs andother types ofcontrol;
  • VIP bar;
  • toilets.


Payment is made directly inthe Lounge for Officials and Delegations. It is allowed to pay by bank transfer against letters of guarantee and contracts.

Tel.:+7 (831)261-82-70, +7-930-816-91-92

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