Internet, Wi-Fi

At Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (Strigino) theareas ofwireless access totheInternet (Wi-Fi access) areavailable. Currently, Wi-Fi access inthelounges ofStrigino Airport isprovided byNizhny Novgorod Teleservice, Megaphone andVympelkom.

The service is accessible within the entire area of the terminal for all users of laptops, netbooks, music players, smart phones, and telephones with the Wi-Fi-adapter.

To be able to use the service of unlimited Megaphone Wi-Fi access, it is necessary to receive login -password by sending SMS to the service number or calling from mobile telephone to the service number. The text of the SMS-message must contain the code, which is displayed on the computer screen on the welcome page of PSC Megaphone Wi-Fi network WEB-portal. The service is chargeable and available for all PSC Megaphone subscribers.

For obtaining login-password for unlimited access to Wi-Fi Beeline it is necessary to call the company by phone 0674. The call is free of charge; only the Internet access is paid for. Information about the cost of service a subscriber can obtain from the service provider. This service is available for PSC Vympelkom subscribers.

At Strigino Airport the area of free Internet-surfing Beeline WiFi Free is also functioning with time and speed restrictions. The project is handled by Vympelkom.

In Beeline WiFi Free area it is possible to use Internet free of charge, without authorization by the user name and password. For connection it is necessary to choose between the wireless Internet settings SSID-identifier of Beeline WiFi Free network and run any Internet- browser, installed on the device in use.

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