First Aid

In themedical station ofNizhny Novgorod Airport, airpassengers will certainly obtain free first medical aidatanytime ofthedayornight. Themedical station islocated intheleft wing oftheTerminal, onthefirst floor.

If you need medical aid, ask any airport staff or call the number:

+7 (831) 293-94-28

Medical services:
  • emergency aidtopassengers with various health conditions;
  • consultation andadvice topassengers onmedical contraindications fortravelling byair;
  • examination ofchildren before referral tothemother-and-child (nursery) room.

Comfortable conditions for transportation and stay in the terminals have been created for disabled passengers and passengers with special needs. The medical station has a temporary-stay room with a shower and a lavatory fitted out for disabled persons. Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers with special needs is supported by passenger elevators and boarding bridges.

Sick, disabled persons and pregnant women are accepted for carriage under these special conditions:
  • the passengers health condition does notendanger either their ownsafety orsafety ofother passengers (asvouched bymedical documents), does notcause disorder orirremovable inconveniences forother persons;
  • the passenger hasmedical documents insetform, signed bytheir attending doctor andconfirming that thepassenger will support travel byair;
  • for atravel requiring special conditions, thecarriers consent must beobtained inadvance (carriage onastretcher, need forspecial medical equipment, etc.);
  • pregnant womens medical documents must have been issued notearlier than 7days before thebeginning ofthetrip, andthegestational agemust notbemore than 35weeks onthedayofthetrip. Inthecase ofalarger gestational age, thewoman mayonly travel ifshehasaspecial permission ofmedical authorities andifsheisaccompanied byadoctor oranother medical worker.
For payment forcarriage ofastretcher passenger, please apply toyour airlines office.

When necessary, airport staff:
  • provide awheelchair;
  • accompany thepassenger;
  • help them through theborder andcustoms control;
  • assist inboarding theairplane;
  • make sure thepassengers baggage ischecked incorrectly.
If apassenger needs tobetransported from home (hospital) totheairplane orback, aspecial carmaybeordered with themedical centres doctor byprior arrangement over thetelephone.
Contact telephone numbers of the medical station (24 hours a day):
+7 (831) 293-94-28
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