Procedures forMass Media

Access toTerminals forPhotography, Cinema andVideo Filming

Both legal and natural persons may be allowed to conduct photography, cinema and video filming in the territory of Nizhny Novgorod Airport. Photography/filming made with the aim of informing the public ofNizhny NovgorodAirports activities are non-commercial and are conducted with the support of an PR-manager.

Requesting a Permission for Photography, Cinema and Video Filming

1. An application for permission for photography, cinema and video filming is to be submitted by a natural or legal person to the Nizhny Novgorod Airport CEO.

2. If submitted by a legal person, the application should be on that organizations letterhead and signed by its chief executive officer.

3. The application should include:
a) theplanned date, time andduration ofthephotography/filming;
b) thepurpose ofthephotography/filming;
c) thelocations needed andtheobjects tobephotographed/filmed (landside square, international ordomestic terminals, airfield, etc.);
d) thefull list ofthecrew, with thepersonal data ofeach person (full name, thenumber, series, issuing body anddate ofissue ofthepassport, thedate andplace ofbirth, address ofregistration);
e) list ofequipment;
f) contact data oftheperson responsible.

If a permission has been granted to conduct photography, cinema or video filming in a controlled area of the airport company (airdrome, sterile areas of the terminal, premises of operational or technical divisions), each member of the photographing/filming crew must obtain his/her pass card in the Pass Office of the Aviation Security Division, which is located to the right of the airport administration building. (Open on working days from8am to5pm, lunch break 12:00 to1:00). To obtain your pass, you should present your passport. If the permission has been granted to conduct photography, cinema or video filming in areas open to public, you should carry your identity document and a copy of the letter with the visas granting the permission.

4. The application for permission for photography, cinema and video filming should be sent not later than 5working days before the planned date of the photography/filming. Should it be necessary to conduct photography/filming on the day of the submission, applications are accepted only if immediate mass-media coverage of events having high importance for the public is needed (massive flight delays, accidents, incidents, etc.).

5. Since the airport is a facility with special security requirements, requests for permission for photography, cinema and video filming in a controlled area (airdrome, sterile areas of terminals, premises of operational or technical division) may be denied, and the permission granted instead to conduct the photography/filming only in areas open to public.

6. An application for permission for photography, cinema and video filming is to be submitted to the e-mail addresspr@airportnn.ruor to fax number +7(831)293-94-41.

7. To its application, a foreign organization should attach a copy of the press identification card of a foreign mass medium (standing accreditation) issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

8. In case of the need to conduct photography/filming in the areas of border and customs control, the organization applying must obtain the permissions of the border and customs bodies in advance.

Procedure of Receiving Comments onNizhny NovgorodAirports Activities

Information on the activities ofNizhny Novgorod InternationalAirport Public Stock Company is prepared and sent out as press releases to the mass media included in the corporate database; it is also published on the Airports public Web site.

For further information, mass-media representatives may write to the e-mail address of the

For information on development of the airport holding, and also Koltsovo Airport, PSC and Nizhny Novgorod International Airport,PSC, you may call theDirector forStrategic Communications,Airports of Regions Managing Companyat +7(495)740-04-39or write tothee-mail

Answers tomass-media inquiries aregiven inaccordance with theRussian legislation inforce (Federal LawOnMass Media). Refusal toprovide theinformation requested ispossible ifsuch information contains state, commercial orother specially protected secret. Thenotification ofsuch refusal issent tothemass-media representative within three days after receipt ofthewritten inquiry after theinformation.

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