Excess andoversized baggage

If theweight ofyour baggage exceeds thefree baggage allowance, youwill payfortheexcess weight according tothesettariff atthecash desk forexcess baggage payment. Thepayment shall beconfirmed bytheexcess baggage ticket. Thefree baggage allowance covers theitems with thetotal weight upto20kganddimensions notexceeding 5050100 cm.
You can pay for excess baggage at ticket office No. 2 which is located on the ground floor in the left wing of the terminal.
Payment for excess baggage is made for each kilogram exceeding the free baggage allowance in accordance with the tariffs set by the airline carrier.
Attention!If the aircraft is fully loaded and if the weight of your baggage considerably exceeds the free baggage allowance transportation of baggage may be denied. In any case this issue must be settled with the airline representative and clarified when buying the air ticket.
Baggage over 5050100 cm is accepted for transportation only with permission of the carrier if the maximum payload capacity of the aircraft is not exceeded. The passenger must provide heavyweight, long and bulky baggage with fixtures for baggage tags for transportation, loading and unloading by mechanical means the airport is equipped with.

Transportation of oversized baggage is paid for its actual weight.
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