Checking in

Ticket Validity

Aáticket isávalid forátransportation ofátheápassenger andáhis/her baggage from theápoint ofádeparture toátheápoint ofádestination forátheáitinerary andáservice class stated onátheáticket.

The ticket isávalid forátransportation ofátheápassenger andáhis/her baggage onátheádate ofácommencement ofájourney andáforátheáflight number specified.

Aáspecial-fare ticket isávalid forátransportation ofátheápassenger andáhis/her baggage within theátime established inátheáapplication rules foráthis fare.

Boarding Passes

boarding passáis aádocument issued toátheápassenger atácheck-in atátheáairport ofádeparture andáproviding theápassenger with theáinformation onátheáflight, boarding closure time, boarding gate number, seat number inátheáaircraft cabin, andátheánumber ofátheáe-ticket.

Passengers whoáneed toáaccount forátheir travel expenses should keep theáremovable stub ofátheáboarding pass.

Informing Passengers of Check-in Opened

At theáairport, this information isácommunicated toápassengers through theápublic address andátheávisual information systems. Data displays areáinstalled inátheádeparture andáarrival areas. There areáalso displays above theácheck-in counters showing:

  • airline name andálogo;

  • flight number;

  • airport ofádestination;

  • numbers ofátheácheck-in counters.

The first announcement on the opening of passenger and baggage check-in is given:

  • for domestic flights, 1.5ľ2 hours before theáaircraft departure time shown onátheáairáticket.

Check-in mayábeáopened earlier orálater than that, depending onátheáaircraft type;

  • for international flights, 3áhours before theáaircraft departure time shown onátheáairáticket.

Check-in forádomestic flights isáclosed 40áminutes before theáaircraft departure.

Check-in foráinternational flights isáclosed 1áhour before theáaircraft departure.


After check-in, passengers ofádomestic flights goáthrough passport control andáascend upstairs forátheásecurity check.

Passengers ofáinternational flights goáthrough theácustoms control, then theácheck-in, andáafter that, through theáborder control andátheásecurity check. Passengers with domestic animals must pass veterinary control.

Check-In of Passengers with E-Tickets

Electronic ticket, oráe-ticket, is the electronic form of an air ticket replacing the conventional paper ticket. The only difference is that the information relating to the passengerĺs journey (itinerary, fare, service class, amount paid, charges, etc.) is contained in the e-ticket file located in the respective carrierĺs database, rather than on paper.

An e-ticket canábeábought inátheáInternet, inátravel agencies oráinátheácarrierĺs ownásales offices.

The e-ticket isástored electronically; therefore itácannot beáleft behind, lost orástolen. Aápassengerĺs friends orárelations canábook anáe-ticket foráhim/her even from another city, andáthen heáorásheáhasábutátoácome upáforácheck-in.

An e-ticket canábeápaid foráináanyáway: inácash, with aábank card, orábyáaábank transfer.

AáPassenger Itinerary Receipt (ITR) isáissued toáconfirm theápurchase ofátheáe-ticket; however, itáisánotáanáaccountable form, andáisánotáobligatory forápresentation atácheck-in; only theápassengerĺs passport isánecessary. Ifátheáe-ticket wasábought onátheáairlineĺs Webásite, theápassenger will receive theáITRábyáe-mail upon payment forátheáticket.

Passengers with electronic tickets areáchecked inájust asáother passengers, atátheácheck-in counters inátheáairport.

For Latecomers

Aápassenger isálate forácheck-in ifáhe/she hasánotáarrived atátheácheck-in counterá40 minutesábefore theáaircraft departure.

Late-coming passengers areáchecked ináinátheáBusiness Lounge (right wing ofátheáterminal). Late-coming passengers canábeáchecked ináforánational flights only ifáthey have noábaggage oráspecial aids; theácheck-in isáclosed 25áminutesábeforeáthe aircraft departure.
The charge foráthis service isá1000 rubles.
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